My Shoes

My shoes are not the greatest
They sometimes could be better
There have been times when they’ve been worst
The times they didn’t walk together

One would walk to the left
The other one to the right
I’d try to stay on my feet
But it was all a hopeless fight

My shoes are my shoes
And I like living in my shoes
I like living in my shoes
Because my shoes are my shoe
(2 x)

I have walked a hundred miles
In these rugged shoes of mine
Maybe more, maybe less
The point is I have never been left

My shoes sometimes get criticized
Because they’re not the top of the line
But we all know that talk is cheap
And criticism will always exist

A creature comes into this world
With white shoes and a path of grass
No matter how careful he is
Those shoe will soon turn grey with dust

Walking down the road of life
Learning all the evil ways
Those shoes that once were gleaming white
Are now the product of society

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